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Pre & Postnatal TTC

Even though this is pre & post-natal yoga teacher training course this course light on 4 stages related to pregnancy

1) Pre pregnancy yoga
2) Pregnancy yoga
3) Labour room yoga
4) Post-natal yoga
with integrated knowledge of
A) Yoga
B) Modern medical science
C) Diet a neutriton
D) Ayurveda
E) Spiritual science (Garbh sanskar)

This course is very useful for yoga professionals, doctors , health professionals and planning couples

Pre Pregnancy Yoga

It is very important section of this course in this section we are going to learn
⦿ How to prepare our selves completely (physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually) to creat the next healthy generation
⦿ Therapy for major fertility issues
⦿ Physical & mental detoxification processes
⦿ Complete yoga practices which are useful in preparation for pregnancy (asanas,pranayama,mudras bandhas ,kriyas ,relaxation technics and meditations)
⦿ Couple yoga/partner yoga(Which is very helpful in creating good bonding between couple s) and more

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy becomes great journey and adventure of life with proper preparation
⦿ Trimester wise complete yoga practices(asana,pranayama,mudras ,kriyas Meditations and relaxation technics)
⦿ Therapy (trimester wise health issues)
⦿ Ideal life style for a pregnant
⦿ Diet and nutrition(Trimister wise)
⦿ Trimester wise yoga nidra
⦿ Garbh sanskar(spiritual science) procedures
⦿ Pregnancy month wise musi and many more

Labour Room Yoga

⦿ Different kind of yogic tools in 3 stages of labour which are useful in normal & healthy delivery
⦿ Facts about Umbilical cord cutting

Yoga for Normal Delivery

In this section we are going to learn different tools for normal delivery which are also very helpful in healthy & happy pregnancy.

Postnatal Yoga

Yoga after delivery also very important for mother and baby
Based on kind of delivery
⦿ Yoga(Normal delivery)
⦿ Yoga(cisearion delivery)
⦿ How to achieve normal shape ,flexibility and strength as before pregnancy
⦿ Breast feeding,Ideal life style for lactating mothers
⦿ Therapy(IAYT Integrated approach of yoga therapy) for major postnatal health issues and more


Ayurveda @ pre pregnancy, pregnancy and after delivery
⦿ Pre conception preparation as per Ayurveda (Rutu,kshetr,anni and beej concept)
⦿ Garbhadan sanskar,punsavan kriya,seemantonayan sanskar
⦿ Garbhini paricharya(ideal daily routine in pregnancy)
⦿ Masanumasa garbhini parichayam(ideal monthly routine in pregnancy)
⦿ Sutika paricharya (postpartam regimen)
⦿ Garbhopaghatakara bhavas(pregnancy harming factors)
⦿ Importance of phal gruth and balant kada
⦿ Preparation of panchamrit and many more

Garbh Sanskar

⦿ Garbh sanskar (enriching the desired qualities of the baby in the womb)
⦿ Garbh samvad (interacting with the baby in the womb)
⦿ Garbha dhyan baby designing meditation
⦿ Invoking devine soul with high i.q,e.q and s.q
⦿ Month wise pregnancy music(helps in good health of mother and baby in the womb)
⦿ Ideal life style for pregnant women
⦿ Shlokas,mantras, stories n chants
⦿ Nada anusandhana ,Soham meditations
⦿ Mantra sadhana of bihar school of yoga
⦿ Nourishment of pancha koshas and more

Modern Medical Science

⦿ What is pregnancy & it's confirmation
⦿ Anatomy & physiology of male and female reproductive systems
⦿ Hormonal changes in pregnancy
⦿ Mensttual cycle & ovulation, fertilization, embryo, placenta /abnormal placenta, early signs of pregnancy, fundal height measurements, pelvis, spine, types of pelvis
⦿ Hypno birthing
⦿ Ectopic pregnancy
⦿ Pre term labour
⦿ Gestational diabetes,high b.p & high risk pregnancy
⦿ Breastfeeding
⦿ Post partum
⦿ Life style for happy and healthy pregnancy and more


⦿ Yoga @Pre pregnancy to prepare for pregnancy (gor male and female) and to strengthen four important parts of the female body
⦿ Yoga @ pregnancy (trimister wise)
⦿ Yoga @ after delivery (based on normal and operated deliveries)
⦿ Yoga therapy @ Pre pregnancy which covers fertility health issues
⦿ Yoga therapy @ pregnancy which covers health issues of pregnant women trimester wise
⦿ Yoga @ postnatal which covers the health issues after delivery
⦿ Yoga for normal delivery
⦿ Yoga @ Labour room
⦿ Yog nidra trimester wise
⦿ Relaxation techniqs (I.R.T,Q.R.T,D.R.T)
⦿ Couple yoga or partner yoga which helps to create good bonding between planning couples
⦿ Pranayama and simplified, modified breathing exercises
⦿ Patanjali yoga sutras
⦿ Props yoga which is very useful for alignment ,comfort and therapy and more

Diet & Nutrition

⦿ Fertility food for male and female @pre conception
⦿ Role of nutrition at pre pregnancy, pregnancy and postnatal stages
⦿ Trimester wise diet plans
⦿ Diet plan @ lactation stage
⦿ Food to avoid during pregnancy
⦿ Idle food plate (rainbow diet plan)
⦿ Vitamins & minerals @pregnancy
⦿ Importance of satvik aahar
⦿ Science behind cravings and how to deal with cravings and more